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Get to know all about Chris, and his middle grade series, "Misadventures of Princess Sydney"


Dear Princess Sydney Fans,


Just a quick update – the Misadventures of Princess Sydney books are now available on!  We have refreshed book 1 with a new cover, and both books are available for digital downloads (kindles) or print. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Chris, Princess Sydney, and Buddy (the Terrier surprise)



Excited and confused all at one time?  What did I stumble on?  These are important questions.  Don’t worry, you’ve landed on the website for Chris Minich, a site for all things related to the new children’s book, Misadventures of Princess Sydney and its author.  Hint: that would be me. Are you a middle grade reader, somewhere between 8-12 years old?  Are you a Mom or Dad interested in an exciting adventure story to read and share with your kids?  Are you still a kid at heart? Do you love dogs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this site is for you.  I’m happy you found our little corner of the internet.  Okay, enough small talk, let’s find out more about everyone’s favorite crazy cockapoo.

Now available for purchase at in paperback and E-Book formats.


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